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Get to Know Us

Your go-to online destination for high-quality hair products, proudly owned and operated by a black entrepreneur. Based in Aurora, Colorado, we specialize in offering a range of natural hair care solutions for women, men, and children. Our product line includes the luxurious Whipped Creamy Mer Butter, the soothing Anti-Itch Mer-Butter, and the nourishing Leave-in Detangler Conditioner. These products are carefully crafted to provide optimal results for textured hair, addressing common concerns such as dryness, itchiness, and irritation.


At MagicMer, we understand the importance of using natural ingredients that promote healthy hair and skin. Unlike many mainstream hair products that contain alcohol, our formulations are alcohol-free. We believe that alcohol can be drying and counterproductive to moisturizing textured hair, which is why we have created a line that is free from harmful additives.


Founder LyVette, a single mom and full-time certified pharmacy technician, started MagicMer with a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to spend quality time with her daughter before she heads off to college. Recognizing the need for natural hair products, LyVette embarked on a mission to provide a solution for those struggling with irritated scalp and skin.The demand for natural hair products is significant, especially within the black community.


With over 44 million black individuals in the United States alone, many of whom have textured hair, there is a clear need for products that cater to their specific needs. MagicMer aims to fill this gap by offering a whipped cream shea butter moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness and providing healing to the scalp without clogging pores. Our ultimate goal at MagicMer is to provide hair products for all hair types, with a particular focus on textured hair.  We strive to create formulations that are all-natural, non-greasy, and deeply moisturizing. Our Whipped Creamy Mer Butter is designed to nourish and hydrate your hair, leaving it soft, manageable, and healthy.


Thank you for choosing MagicMer as your trusted source for natural hair care. We are committed to providing you with exceptional products that enhance the beauty and health of your hair. Join us on this journey towards embracing your natural hair and experiencing the magic of MagicMer.

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